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Do you still watch Grey’s Anatomy but roll your eyes every time another “Life Changing!” storm hits Seattle?  How about that silly “Initiative” plot line on Revenge, yet, five bucks says you can’t give it up?  Then what you’re doing, ladies and gentlemen, is hate-watching TV.  And I do it too.  A lot.  I’m pretty sure the term was first coined in the not-too-distant past for that NBC debacle Smash, because what theater-loving TV viewer didn’t tune in to this wreck-with-the-best-intentions, only to cringe every time the kids started singing in a bowling alley or Debra Messing ran into yet another Broadway belter in Times Square?  It became more and more outrageous with each passing Monday, but still, we tuned in.  And still do.  Because it’s Bombshell on Broadway!  It’s Meredith and Derek!  It’s Emily, or is it Amanda?!  Oh god, I need a life.