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Modern and Traditional Olives @ The Bazaar

The Bazaar
SLS Hotel, Beverly HIlls, CA

Jose Andres = God.  That’s what I thought when I ate at The Bazaar, the swank Beverly Hills home to the super-chef from Barcelona.  More specifically, that’s what I thought five minutes in, when a plate of his “modern olives” literally popped in my mouth!  Whaaaaaaaaat just happened, I think I screamed to the waiter!  Apparently some molecular gastronomy just happened, as these light green blobs on silver spoons turned into the craziest thing to happen to my mouth since my braces came off.


“Philly Cheesesteak” @ The Bazaar

His food is so good and so inventive, yet because of his technique and stupefying flavors, it’s almost other-worldly.  The other highlights on the tapas menu include Andres’ take on a Philly cheese steak – the lightest, airiest two-bite sandwich you’ll ever have – and the Brussels sprouts with lemon air.  Yes, air.  They also serve the best pan con tomate (tomato bread) I’ve ever had, and I lived in Spain!  Please go.