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Kimpton Hotels

Dog lovers, listen up!  Do you start your sentences with we instead of I, even though you’re single?  Do you deliberately not finish your burger when out with friends, knowing that a certain someone at home would love to finish it?  Then you’re probably inclined to travel with your beloved pooch, and yet find it difficult to find a nice hotel that will accommodate the, um, two of you.

More room service, Ruby?

More room service, Ruby?

Worry no more.  Check out the Kimpton hotel chain (kimptonhotels.com), a series of boutique hotels across the country that not only allow dogs, but go out of their way to make them comfortable.  When I saw a picture on their web site of a big black lab lounging on a bed – a king bed, no less – I packed up my car and my greyhound Ruby, who never met a bed she didn’t love, and drove down to DC (where there are a whopping 8 hotels to choose from.  San Francisco has 10.).  For those of you who prefer leg room, they also provide dog beds, along with bowls and treats, dog walking services, and best of all, they don’t discriminate against breed.  Even your big buddy Mastiff is welcome!

Oh yeah, for you humans, every Kimpton hotel hosts a popular wine hour in the late afternoon, plus there are spa services, fitness centers, and always cool bars and restaurants.  Ruby and I were very, ahem, content, and who knows, maybe a cross country trip to San Fran is in our future?