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Petit Ermitage Hotel

West Hollywood, CA

What do a skinny celebrity stylist from NYC, a nouveau-riche televangelist from Seattle, and a retired lesbian couple traveling with their pet shnoodle have in common? They all stayed at the Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood, a little gem of a hotel that even my most in-the-know Angelinos didn’t know existed. And what attracted them there, as it did me, was its stunning, sexy rooftop. Up top is a charming restaurant, a cozy, laid-back vibe, and most of all, a lovely European pool (no kids! bikini tops optional!). As I partook in the overflowing breakfast buffet every day – served till noon, my kind of place – and swam in the warm-as-bathwater pool, all surrounded by orange trees and wildflowers, I wondered if I’d ever stay at the W again. (Answer: hell no.)  And at night, it transforms into a candlelit outdoor lounge with an inviting fire pit, animal print blankets, and ne’er a bad attitude in sight. Truly!

The hotel has spacious, comfortable rooms that run a little more shabby than chic, but they’re reasonably priced and really, it’s all about the upstairs. Book a room, invite some pals, and head to the most charming rooftop in town.


Rooftop restaurant


Rooftop pool