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It’s easy to recognize James Earl Jones’ signature voice as he reminds us what news channel we’re watching, but have you noticed how many movie stars are now lending their voices to TV commercials? It wasn’t too long ago that voice-overs were considered taboo for a serious actor, with those unable to resist the easy pay day secretly sneaking off to Japan, because, well, I guess Harrison Ford just couldn’t find a beer in the U.S. that he liked. But now they’re doing it out in the open in droves, and some are even double-timing (I’m talkin’ to you, Don Draper!).

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Can you match the celebrity actor with his/her commercial?

  1. George Clooney
  2. John Krasinkski
  3. Kevin Spacey
  4. Lisa Kudrow
  5. Kiefer Sutherland
  6. Jeff Bridges
  7. Julia Roberts
  8. Jon Hamm
  9. Gene Hackman
  10. David Duchovny
  11. John Corbett
  12. Willem Dafoe
  13. Morgan Freeman
  14. Donald Sutherland
  1. Honda
  2. Pedigree
  3. E-surance
  4. Nationwide Insurance
  5. American Airlines
  6. Visa
  7. Yoplait
  8. Budweiser
  9. Mercedes
  10. Volvo
  11. Bank of America
  12. Hyundai
  13. Lowe’s
  14. Walgreens
  15. Ford
  16. Face Yogurt
  17. Applebee’s
  18. Ford Trucks

Answers: 1-H & R, 2-C, 3-A, 4-G, 5-K, 6-L, 7-D, 8-E & I, 9-M, 10-B, 11-N & Q, 12-P, 13-F, 14-J