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As “Orange is the New Black” launches anew on Netflix, I still can’t stop thinking about the network’s other, and original, binging stalwart, “House of Cards.”  With all due respect to Kevin Spacey, it’s Girl Power on Netflix as the ladies, or in this case, the lady, shines. Not since Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano has an actress’s look so perfectly embodied a character, but Robin Wright as Claire Underwood is P E R F E C T I O N.  Her portrayal, her character, her look is the thing that stands out the most this season, as the former Princess Bride transforms into an Ice Queen for the ages. Machiavellian to the core, with a long, lean runner’s body and a short and sleek hairstyle, her androgynous yet sexy Claire is Lady Macbeth in couture.  Whether it’s a Zac Posen shift dress and Louboutins during the day or a strapless evening gown by Armani or The Row at night, this powerful political wife is calculating in what she wears — fittingly in only black, navy or neutrals — and careful in how she wears them.  The subtlety of her palette lures you in; the boldness of her pieces spit you out.  Her look is her character – striking, sophisticated, severe and ice cold – and Robin Wright, with her acting chops honed and her enviable physique toned, pulls it off with aplomb.  Frank Underwood sure commands attention, but when the missus walks into a room, full of purpose and Prada, attention is served.


And for heaven’s sake, will someone please tell me how I can get my hands on this absolutely fabulous white suit she wears in Season 2 (chapter 25), which made me gasp when I saw it?  Narciso Rodriquez, maybe??  Alas, I have no power lunches to attend, but at least I can go as Claire Underwood on Halloween, natch!


Whose gorgeous suit am I wearing?!