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Water Fountain

by tUnE-yArDs

“Woo-ha woo-ha!” I heard on the radio back in May when tUnE-yArDs’ new song “Water Fountain” was released, introducing me not only to a very cool band but to a very very cool tune.  As summer finally winds down, I find myself still listening to it, the cheeriest song to hit the airwaves since, well, last year’s “Happy.”  tUnE-yArDs (yup, that’s how they spell it) is actually Indie darling Merrill Garbus and her partner Nate Brenner, who compose some of the most eclectic music out there; equal parts Afro and Indie pop, funky percussive beats and odd rhythms. And all featuring Garbus’ soulful and incredibly unique voice, which really shines on “Water Fountain.”

Most of all, though, the song is just plain old FUN!  It hooks you in fast, builds momentum, and adds layer after layer, leaving you almost dizzy.  Is this Bjork, you think?  Cat Power?  The Talking Heads with a new singer?!  Nope, it’s tUnE-yArDs, no matter how you spell it, and since I can’t seem to get it out of my head nor stop dancing to it, it’s my nomination for Song of the Summer 2014!

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