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Ten Thousand Waves
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Thus began my Watsu experience at the famous Ten Thousand Waves (spa) in Santa Fe, one of the most memorable hours of my entire life.  A little far fetched?  Well, maybe I live a boring life.  But I don’t think so!  Imagine the best rubdown you’ve ever had, then imagine taking a tranquil, warm bath.  Now put them together and that’s what a Watsu, or underwater massage, is like.  It’s also a highly spiritual experience, if you really let yourself go.  As my therapist Moonbeam (I swear I am not making that up) explained, Watsu is all about trust.  The more I trusted her, the more fulfilling my experience would be. And sure enough, after a few minutes of awkward hesitancy, I relaxed into her arms as she held me like a baby and gently twisted me into yoga-like poses.  And that’s what made it so noteworthy – I completely lost myself, fully and completely, right there in a stranger’s arms.  My muscles turned to noodles and my breath became quiet, like at any good massage, but what was different was that I also had tears in my eyes.  It was almost as if I had just had the best therapy session ever, in a hot tub!  Moonbeam indeed.