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David “Big Papi” Ortiz

Hey, up there, thanks man!

You know how certain baseball sluggers tend to point to the sky after they’ve hit a home run, thanking the Big Man Upstairs for their good fortune (or at least good luck)?  The same goes for pitchers.  Baseball’s greatest closer, the deeply religious Mariano Rivera, used to point upwards after safely closing out a game, and he was hardly alone (though a bit more subtle than most).  But if you think about it, why don’t they ever do just the opposite after they’ve struck out, or, after they’ve been lit up?  You’ll never see David “Big Papi” Ortiz curse the other Big Man or (gasp!) give the middle finger after getting strike three, nor any pitcher giving The Sopranos’ stuggatz sign after giving up multiple hits.  Sure, there’ll be some under-the-breath mutterings as they walk slowly, head down, to the dugout.  But why the double standard?  If they’re quick to give thanks after their home run trot, it’s only fair that someone, just once, would give a big ol’ “Up yours!” after an epic out.  Man, if Alex Rodriguez did that, I’d stand up and cheer him for the one and only time!